We love drawing

If you need an illustration or a character being drawn, you can also
count on us in that matter. We are able to prepare a drawing for you
on any occasion in any style.

In our work we value high quality and the fair price.
Thanks to the time difference, when our office in NY is sleeping our team in Poland is working.
If we accept your offer in the evening, you can get the final product in the morning.
That gives us the competitive advantage.

We will help you visualize your dreams in 3D
3D visualizations allow you to present your designs
in a more tangible way.
You don't have to describe something, you can just show it!"

Quality & Speed

We have been always focused on the quality and we will never stop focusing on it. You can trust us.

REEL 2016

Showreel 2016

July 20, 2016



June 20, 2016



June 20, 2016


3D Visualisation

May 25, 2016



May 20, 2016



May 20, 2016



May 20, 2016



May 20, 2016

Explainer Video

This type of video will help your customers to understand what you are offering, no matter if it is a product, service, event or a cause. As the name says it will cover the topics you want to explain in an interesting way.

Typography video

This animation technique is mixing motion and text to express ideas. You can deliver not only the words but also the certain atmosphere which can help the customer to understand it the way you expect them to.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoons can be used in every type of video. They are often used for commercials, but not only. By bringing characters into life you can entertain, inform, teach and much more. It also helps to build brand awareness if they have certain style.

Visual Effects

It is a great option when you need to make your video more entertaining and more dynamic. By adding special effects, you are able to create anything which you were not able to film in the reality.


The secret of a good video lays in its editing. Through that you can get rid off unwanted parts, add new elements, make the video more or less dynamic. Basically, it can have a lot of influence which can affect the way the video is perceived.

Color Grading

Sometimes the colors you have recorded may look totally different on a video than in a reality. Color correction can help them to look more alive. Also, the proper colors can help make the certain mood in a scene.


If you don’t need something to be animated we still can draw it for you. No matter if it’s a comic book, book illustration or movie storyboard.


We are also specialized in a fashion photography. If you have a line of clothing or an online store or if you just need a photo of a piece of clothing for no good reason, we are able to do it for you.


If you need something to be done and it is not listed here, we still might be able to do it for you. Just let us know what you need and we will come up with an answer. Nothing is impossible.

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High quality

Our high quality makes us unique

Fair Price

Thanks to our experience we can offer cheap and effective solutions

Detail Orientation

We pay attention to every little detail, because we know its important


Our effectiveness is proved by our awards

of Experience
on the market in PL
on the market in US
Satisfied customers

"It was great working with Przemek Fik. All deadlines were met and the quality of work was awesome. I would certainly recommend Przemek to my colleagues and will absolutely work with Przemek again in the future."

− Jim Connelly, The Go To Crew

"Przemek is a very skilled and competent man to do business with. He did some fine work for us in a very professional manner, for which we are very grateful."

− Richard McCombe, Car Promotional Video

"This contractor was amazing and performed far beyond our expectations making sure the video was exactly what the client wanted."

− Jen Bassetti, Gathering Shadows Trailer

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